We are solving the growing need for nutritious and sustainable seafood By creating meat from animal cells - starting with Lobster.


Our mission is to create cell-cultured seafood products that are nutritious, animal-friendly, sustainable, and provide an authentic seafood experience to consumers worldwide. 


John Pattison (CEO) and Ian Johnson (CSO) met in 2019 in San Francisco while they were both working for other cell-cultured meat companies. During an 18-hole round of golf that turned into 36, they discovered a shared passion for leveraging science to make a positive and lasting impact on the world. Building off of their experiences in a variety of industries and their commitment to cell-cultured meat technology, they left the West Coast to build the first cell-cultured meat company in America's heartland.


Seafood is a decadent, delicious, and nutritious source of protein recommended by doctors and dietitians as part of a healthy diet. Yet, with the increasing acidification and warming of oceans, and coupled with the growing world population, the planet needs better solutions for producing seafood. We need to get more protein to more consumers while protecting and preserving the environment for future generations of animals and people. We've dedicated our lives to building technology to do just that - produce high-quality animal products (starting with cell-cultured lobster!) using the actual cells of the animal. 


Cell-cultured meat isn't science fiction, it's the evolution of the alternative-protein movement. Our technology leverages the established disciplines of cell culture, tissue engineering and food science to create a modern food system capable of some remarkable things. Our products will be made from the real cells of an animal, indistinguishable in form and function from wild caught.